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Hi Vivek,

I am very glad proud for your news letter in ICICI Direct. After taking note from your wonderful analysis now I am seriously thinking of subscribing for your 'ADVANCED STOCK ANALYSIS' software. Request you to send me details about ASA software price tag.

Nagesha Raju, Bangalore.
Dear Mr. Vivek Patil, Your lecture in CA Institute was very impressive & informative. I would like to purchase technical analysis software read more books on the subject. Request you to pl. give details of software also recommend some basic to moderately advance book on technical analysis. You also let me know whether your software comes with help query facility. Hemant Pethe
Hi Vivek,

A couple of days ago, I stepped out ashore at Fujairah and went to the cyber
café where I saw your article. I found that article to be very special and
for a change, well written ... hahahaha ..... Seriously speaking, I felt a strange warm feeling, and every instant of reading every word, I could hear my inner voice tell me repeatedly, " Yeh saala baadi baadi batein likhne wala banda ko toh hum bahot aacchhi tarah jaante hain!" and I felt proud reading it. Thank you very much for giving me this unique feeling- a feeling generated by your achievements. I do not wish to dilute this by congratulating your achievements - hum kum achievement
waale ko khada hi nahin karte! Hahaha ..... I also appreciate you including the 'double extension' thing (You had no choice actually - that's the only way sensex can scale past 25K in the 5th wave; another unpleasant choice was to accept the current move as 3rd). At least henceforth, in our meetings, I need not keep arguing over 'why this cannot be double extension'! tevadach majhya ghashala thoda aaram!
However, ek goshta saarkhee khatakti aahe: It sounds as if you have written
the final note or like a grand finale or an epitaph. Are you following
Dravid's footsteps and retiring or something?? Maala watata, aapli
saglyanchi personal level var 3rd extension ooghadti aahe!
Baaki all good .... I get off and head home by Nov. last week for a week's break and then off to the caribeans for a 2 months stint in order to complete my NRI time of 182 days abroad......paapi pet ka sawaal hai......
Hope to talk 2 you all soon..... Chyala thoda jaastach lihila gela .....

Capt. Sriram Soman,
Mr. Vivek Patil,

I have attended your seminar for technical analysis on share prices and i would like to buy software for technical analysis. Can you tell me what is total cost of software and also let me know whether you are conducting any classes for how to use this?

Gajendra Jain
Dear Vivek,

I had studied all the time your strategy. And 90% we get success in it. In fact i am learning chart studies and analysis from your charts and descriptions. i am so much impress from all this.

Rajiv Joshi, Ahmedabad
Dear Mr Patil,  
  I am an avid fan of yours and your mastery in the subject of Elliot wave Theory and analysis is undoubtedly great. The manner in which you present your analysis each week is simply great and I eagerly await to read it every Monday. Many must have been benefited by the articles that you write on the sensex movements. I am very much keen and interested in learning the subject and need your guidance for the same. … Your analysis of movement of sensex stocks each week is also worth noting. Eager to read your reply and I am sure you will find some time from your busy schedule to reply to this mail.         

Nachiket Moghe, Pune
Dear Vivek,

Many thanks for the excellent and lucid presentation at ICICI on 23rd Sept 2006. My understanding has increased a lot after this presentation.

respected sir ,  

I got your Email id from my one of the friend who is working with the india infoline. I am a student of MBA(finance) from university of pune. So, I just want to know the strategy about the research, how to you analyse the stock market, what is alfa and beta. I kindly request to you plz help me in the field of analysis of stock and forecasting. Bcoz I saw your research that was the accurate, then I feel and I hope so you will be help me.

sunil singh
Dear Sir,

I am full time trader cum investor in equity markets. I am your constant follower and fan for your Technical analysis since last 3 years. I have attended all of the sessions you have organized from ICICI as well as currently in India Equity Show. I am continuously reading your weekly technical analysis on ICICI direct.com. Sir, I want to learn more from you about Indian market behaviour in bull period as well as bear period if it is possible.      

Nishant Shah

I attended Technical Session on 26-02-2006 at Bangalore . I started investing in year 2000, made some losses, covered up loses by investing in good stock and I was unable to analyse the market before attending your session during Feb 2006. I tried to make sense of the market data on day today basis, by watching Best bids and daily Highs and lows in Buy/sell page and Watchlist in Icicidirect.com, but with less result. But after I attended your session, my mind / I started imagining the graph. ie. sensex history and the 2 year cycle of sensex as suggested during session. It worked. Also, Technical analysis methods taught during session and from yahoo web site where data is organized and presented helping me to judge the mood of the market.  (Stochastic analysis) which I believe gives trends of the mass investing. Thank you for the guidance. I want to know when will the market touch its bottom. (because I see from various data and inputs there will be still a bottom).

Mohan V
Dear Mr.

Vivek patil,I read ur nifty article today, best …………. Thanking you,

Raamesh Kumar Jayani

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